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Società Unita

Società Unita (The United Society) is a Roman Catholic mission comprised of families, priests and Religious men and women, working to form a more compassionate and harmonious society.

Through religious, cultural, and social programs, the Mission invites all people of good will to join together in order to be closer to God and to each other. The mission was founded in 1969 by Catholic Missionary, Fr. Claudio Piccinini, C.P.

The United Society put in practice the teachings of the Gospel, especially peace, love, and unity. By reflecting on these, The United Society helps each of us understand more deeply ourselves, our roles within our families, our Church and our world.
In 1972 the Mission purchased 200 acres of land in Gravenhurst, about 170 km north of Toronto and named it “TEOPOLI“, from the Greek meaning, “City of God.”

Since its beginning, TEOPOLI has hosted group retreats, pilgrimages, and the Teopoli Summer Experience for children and young adults during the summer months. At present about 100 persons can be accommodated overnight dormitory style with good bathroom facilities.

For the last 39 years TEOPOLI has been a place where many people have found deep personal peace, truthful answers to the meaning of life, and the courage to live fruitful and joyous lives. Many have rediscovered faith in God and have found the support to practice it with love and with a great sense of freedom from anxiety and fear.

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The United Society accepts as members all those who wish to participate in its mission to promote love, peace, and unity. Annual membership fees: $20 for families, $10 for singles individuals (members 60 years of age or over are exempt from paying the annual fee).

Apply today by filling out an application form with the endorsement of at least one member in good standing and send to:

Società Unita
1775 Islington Ave.
Etobicoke, ON M9P 3N2
Fax: 416-243-7319 email: info@teopoli.com


Council of Administration



Teopoli is the privileged place of the United Society, where individually and communally we breathe in a divine atmosphere. The name itself, derived from two Greek words, “Theos” + “Polis”, City of God, reveals to us the nature and purpose of Teopoli.

The hopes, the dreams and the wishes of The United Society, we would like to put in practice at Teopoli.  Here, in the City of God, we would like to live our lives to the fullest as sons and daughters of God, calling ourselves Brothers and Sisters.  Here we pray with the purpose of reaching spiritual union with Jesus so that we may live in Peace, Love, and Unity with all.

At Teopoli we are and call ourselves citizens of the City of God.  Jesus Crucified is the King of Teopoli, and Our Lady of Sorrows is the Queen.  Teopoli, as a place of faith, prayer, reconciliation and penance, favours a sincere repentance of all our sins and the resolution to bring about a true conversion in our lives.

Teopoli inspires us to return to the Father with a lively hope of being forgiven and reinstated in the Peace and Love of God and our neighbour.  At Teopoli we concretely experience union with God and with our neighbour because we recognize that we come from a Father who has given us and sustains us in life, so that His glory may be revealed.  At Teopoli we live giving thanks to God for His goodness and mercy, for His love and peace and for His presence in our midst.

The Cross at Teopoli

The inspiration to erect a cross at Teopoli, amongst its rivers and waterfalls, trees and rocks,  flowers and grass, fish, birds, and beavers, came from Sister Carmelina C.P. The cross is the symbol of our creation and redemption; the culmination of prayer and the sign of love that saves the world.

Teopoli Summer Experience (TSE)

CANCELLED FOR 2017 – CALL 416-243-7319 for information!

Register Today for the 2017 TSE

The Teopoli Summer Experience (TSE) is not a summer camp, and it is not just a place of recreation for youth.  TEOPOLI is a way of life for children and teenagers, 6 to 17 years of age. For over 40 years, TEOPOLI  has been providing young people and their families an environment where the values of family life are taught and experienced.  Young people are encouraged to be responsible and independent through information about their Catholic faith, while enjoying themselves in many recreational activities in the secure and tranquil atmosphere of TEOPOLI Catholic Spiritual Center, located in the beautiful Muskoka area.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6wOIYZP1UU]

TEOPOLI itself boasts grand evergreens, a lake, river, waterfall, and meadows, all providing a deeply formative experience in a spiritual and recreational setting.

TEOPOLI is not a day program.  Participants live at TEOPOLI for a 10-day period.  This time away from home may concern many parents.  But our TEOPOLI Summer Experience has been designed precisely to have quality time with the participants in order to address some of the most important concerns of today’s parents.  TEOPOLI provides the best kind of formation for a positive self-esteem, a good character, a love for the family, and the knowledge and practice of the Catholic faith throughout life.  TEOPOLI has accepted and continues to receive registrations for young people of others faiths as well, because of its high quality of teaching and activities.

The TEOPOLI Summer Experience also provides a qualified staff that endeavors to present contemporary social and spiritual issues to the young people in order to address the values and virtues necessary for a good and wholesome life.  This is a demanding work at TEOPOLI, but it is accomplished among the activities of swimming, canoeing, arts & crafts, sports, music, culture, drama, theology, daily Holy Mass and rosary.  The young people will make new friends, experience new patterns of good behavior and come to appreciate and enjoy the friendship and supervision of the councilors, as well as the supportive staff. Summer memories of TEOPOLI truly last a lifetime! –

A. Brann


Register today.


Click Here for the What To/NOT To Bring Lists

For further information call the Youth Director at the office of Società Unita/The United Society, the organization that owns and operates TEOPOLI at 416-243-7319.

Employment: Teopoli Summer Experience

Now Hiring for Summer:

Do you enjoy working at a residential camp with children ages 6 to 17?  We are looking for young adults willing and able to live and work in the Muskoka area of Ontario for 9 consecutive weeks this summer as counsellors, lifeguards and nurse.

Required Qualifications: The Teopoli Summer Experience requires mature, well-rounded individuals with skills and experience in the following areas:

Counsellors: for Arts & crafts, Sports, Music, Fine arts, recreational outdoor activities.
 with NLS certification.

Applicants should have:

  • a genuine interest in working with children;
  • a Catholic understanding of life;
  • a contagious enthusiasm for life;
  • the ability to inspire others by example;
  • the ability to communicate with children and adults;
  • the ability to work with others;

Applicants must be 20 years of age or older.

The following is the 2016 schedule:

  • Orientation: Monday, June 27 to Wednesday, July 6
  • T.S.E. Program: Thursday, July 7 to Saturday, August 27
  • T.S.E. closing & evaluation day: Tuesday, August 30
  • Remuneration will be dependent upon job level depending on position.
  • Accommodations and meals will be provided.
  • Transportation from Toronto to Muskoka (Gravenhurst) is provided if needed.

To apply, you may mail, fax, or email your application to:

Società Unita
1775 Islington Ave.
Etobicoke, Ontario  M9P 3N2

Tel/Fax (416)243-7319



Società Unita ( The United Society), founded in 1972 by Fr. Claudio Piccinini, C.P. (Passionist) is a Mission made up of individuals, families, religious and priests.

One of the programs offered by The United Society is the Teopoli Summer Experience, (T.S.E.). Since 1973 this program has been of immense value to the children and staff who have taken part in it. The T.S.E. serves a valuable human and spiritual need for children by helping them build confidence and belief in their own worth and dignity. It helps the adults by inviting them to collaborate with one another to create a world where people are treated more equally and fairly.

Teopoli is a Catholic Spiritual Centre, which offers children and staff the opportunity to spend four 10-day sessions throughout July and August in the beautiful, natural setting of the Muskoka region. Teopoli, which means City of God, consists of 200 acres of land near Gravenhurst Ontario. For the well being of all those involved, Teopoli complies with Ontario Health regulations and is fully insured.

To work as a counsellor at Teopoli means being involved in the future of our world and society. The staff is that component of the T.S.E. program that makes the spiritual and philosophical content of the program come alive. It is a Mission, it requires a call and a great desire to change and improve, to lead and to correct, to inspire and to build the characters of the children aged 6-16 who will attend this year’s T.S.E.

The staff plans and takes part in arts and crafts, canoeing, drama, culture, theology, music, overnight camping, fishing, swimming, and other outdoor activities. In addition, children and staff participate in morning and evening prayers and in the daily celebration of the Eucharist.


Since 1977, when a large wooden Cross was erected next to the water fall, Teopoli became a center for monthly pilgrimages from May to October. These pilgrimages have three strong moments of common prayer: the Holy mass, the Stations of the Cross, and the Holy Rosary with Eucharistic Benediction.


May 28,    June 11,    July 16,     August 6 ,    September 24,    October 15.


May 7,    June 4,    July 2,    August 20,    September 10,    October 1.

Please remember that these are days of PRAYER. All who come must participate in all the religious functions of the day.

For info and bus reservations please call:
Società Unita 416-243-7319 or contact info@teopoli.com

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Radio Teopoli AM530 Catholic Radio Toronto




Broadcasting daily from Toronto, Canada, Radio Teopoli is a Catholic public radio program that offers all people the possibility of joyfully entering into dialogue with the mystery of God’s message of salvation revealed fully in Christ Jesus and faithfully proclaimed by the Catholic Church. Guided by a faithful love for the Truth, Radio Teopoli exists to inspire, inform, instruct, encourage, and invite all people of goodwill to a life of holiness.

Radio Teopoli will introduce topics that will interest and support the listeners to make morally correct choices according to the revealed Word of God and the teaching of the Catholic Church.  It intervenes and invites others to become involved for the sake of defending the Truth, the rights of individuals, just causes and the dignity and sacredness of human life.

English Programming:

Click on the desired show to listen to the latest program.

CCBI – Conversations in Bioethics
Priests for Life Canada – The Pro-Life Hour
Dr. Josie Lombardi – The New Evangelization & Mary’s Cafe
Fr. Bill Trusz  – A Walk on the Little Way
Ryan & Melissa – The Spiritual Stretch
Fr. Cedric Pisegna C.P.  Live with Passion
Lou Iacobelli – Building a Culture of Life
Faith Connections – Get Connected Toronto
Anna Maria & Eliseo – Merciful Redeemer of Love
Al Smith – Your Life is Worth Living
Jonathon Van Maren – The Bridgehead
Victor Penney- Culture of Truth
Dr. Selim Nakla- Natural Medicine
Dorothy Pilarski on the Radio
John McIlroy – Catholic Voices in the Public Square
Angela Saggese – Faith Formation
Fr. Claudio Piccinini C.P. – Sr. Carmelina Hour

Italian Programming:

Fr. Amedeo Nardone – Chiesa 2000 (Italian)
Vatican News & Feature programming

Phone in during our programs: 416-233-7368/416-233-8227

9:00 pm – 10:00 pm English on AM530 Toronto


The Church Speaks as “Mater et Magistra”