Jesus the Listener

The Mission

The crucifix is brought into the home for week-long periods, or for as long as the host home wishes to have it, using the following format.

1.  Initial Explanation of the Devotion
The presence of the Jesus the Listener Crucifix in the home reminds us of the presence of God in our lives through the Passion and Death of his only begotten Son Jesus Christ.  While there might be other crucifixes in the home, the presence of this Crucifix, so different from the others, reminds us specifically of the place that the Cross holds in our lives.  It is the Cross that most concretely shows the infinite mercy and compassion of a listening God. The Crucifix is placed in a visible place of honor in the home enabling Jesus the Listener to become the light in the darkness, the sign on the road, the compass at sea.  The Crucifix becomes the concrete and physical point of contact among us and God, between our humanity and his Divinity.

2.  Lighting of the Pascal Candle
A small Paschal candle is lit beside the Crucifix and remains lit as long as there is someone present.  This Paschal candle reminds us that Jesus is the Light of the World.  He is the Risen Lord.  He is living and active in our lives. This burning candle also symbolizes the burning desire of our hearts to stay with our Crucified Lord and offer him our prayers and sacrifices in reparation for our sins and the sins of the whole world.  It represents our desire to surrender our lives to the will of God and to be consumed and absorbed by his love for us.  It indicates to us that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life and that we are purified, comforted, forgiven and healed by his burning love, as gold is purified by fire.

3.  Prayer Service
The prayers, readings, meditations, Litany, Chaplet of the Five Wounds etc., in the Jesus the Listener book are used during the private or communal prayer meetings. During the Prayer Service, besides proclaiming the Good News, whenever possible time is allotted for questions and answers.  The Prayer Service also aims to educate and inform those present on various points of our faith and Christian living.

4.  Sacraments of Penance and the Eucharist
Whenever possible during the week, the Eucharist may be celebrated in the host home.  If there is a priest and it is requested, the Sacrament of Penance could also be celebrated.

5.  Conclusion of the Host Home Visit
The visit of the Jesus the Listener Crucifix to the host home concludes with 1) a ceremony for the departure of the Crucifix and 2) the enthronement of an 18-inch Jesus the Listener Crucifix that remains permanently in the home.

6.  The Pocket Crucifix
As the Devotion of Jesus the Listener grew among the Confraternity members, Fr. Claudio also began distributing a pocket Jesus the Listener Crucifix during his Passionist Parish Missions.  This practice is still continuing and more than a million crucifixes have been distributed.

7.  The New Crucifix
Fr. Claudio realized from the very beginning that the crucifix he had initially purchased was not fully representative of the idea contained in the title of the Devotion.  The crucifix he needed would have to represent Jesus still alive and listening.  By its very appearance, the crucifix would need to express all the aspects of Jesus’ sufferings and the depth of his mercy and love for us.  The Jesus of this crucifix would have to show us, even physically, that he is indeed listening to us and that, even though he is bearing great suffering, he has the will to listen to our suffering as well. Fr. Claudio began looking for a way to produce such a crucifix, and after seventeen years, the Jesus the Listener Crucifix was realized. The Crucifix that was specifically designed for the program is one that expresses the qualities necessary to draw us closer to Jesus the Listener and to inspire us to gratitude for his infinite love and mercy.  This new Crucifix helps us to place ourselves in the presence of God, a suffering God who has totally surrendered himself to death on the Cross so that we may live, now and for ever with him in his Kingdom.


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