Società Unita & Teopoli Events


February 27: 155th Feast Day of St. Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother

March 5:     Teopoli Celebration Dinner

March 21:   25th Anniversary of the Servant of God, Sr. Carmelina Tarantino, C.P.
                      Memorial Mass

April 14:     Teopoli: Good Friday Service
10:00AM Stations of the Cross
3:00PM Good Friday Service

April 24-28:   Teopoli: Ora Et Labora

May 7:     Teopoli: Italian Pilgrimage

May 28:     Teopoli: English Pilgrimage

June 4:     Teopoli: Italian Pilgrimage

June 11:      Teopoli: English Pilgrimage

July 2:     Teopoli: Italian Pilgrimage

July 16:      Teopoli: English Pilgrimage

August 13:    Teopoli: English Pilgrimage

August 20:     Teopoli: Italian Pilgrimage

August 27 :    51st Anniversary of the Feast of St. Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother (Toronto)

September 10:     Teopoli: Italian Pilgrimage

September  11 – 15:     Teopoli: Ora Et Labora

September 17:     Marathon of Peace

September 24:    Teopoli: English Pilgrimage

October 1:     Teopoli: Italian Pilgrimage

October 15:     Teopoli: English Pilgrimage

November 5:     Teopoli-  Widows & Widowers Retreat

November 8:   Memorial Mass for Deceased Members of Societa Unita

November 26:     Family Celebration Dinner

December 10:     Teopoli- Our Lady of Guadalupe

December 17:   Visit to Sr. Carmelina at Holy Cross Cemetery – Thornhill, Ontario

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