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Sr. Carmelina

The Case for Sainthood

Toronto,  Canada,  October 1, 2007 – The Archbishop of Toronto, Mons. Thomas C. Collins, asks priests of the archdiocese to inform their parishioners that the process for the Cause of Canonization of Sister Carmelina of the Cross, C.P. (Carmelina Tarantino)  has begun.

If you have useful information regarding this cause please write to:

Deacon Joe DiGrado
c/o Archdiocese of  Toronto
1155 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON   M4T 1W2

Servant of God Sister Carmelina Tarantino of the Cross C.P.

Born:   Feb 7, 1937 – Liveri, Naples, Italy
Baptized:   Feb 19, 1937 – Church of St. George Martyr
Emigrated:   July 4, 1964 arrives at Toronto with  Dr. Nicola Sbarra  from Liveri
Professed:   November 26, 1977
Deceased:   March 21, 1992
Burial:   Holy Cross Cemetery, Thornhill, Ontario

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O Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in your providential love you chose that Sr. Carmelina Tarantino of the Cross may be intimately united to the suffering of your beloved Son on the Cross and that filled with apostolic zeal she might offer with joy her life as an holocaust for your glory and the salvation of souls. We humbly ask you to glorify her in your Church on earth. We implore you through her intercession to grant us the grace we ask in faith.

Our Father… ,       Hail Mary… ,    Glory to the Father… .

(With ecclesiastical approval)


In Honour of the Servant of God, Sr. Carmelina Tarantino of the Cross, C.P.
On October 13, 1995, Fr. Claudio Piccinini, C.P. announced his intention to erect, at Teopoli, a monument to Sr. Carmelina Tarantino and new Stations of the Cross dedicated to her memory.

There is no doubt Sr. Carmelina deserves this recognition and all those who have come to know and love her want this opportunity to thank her.

Sr. Carmelina helped thousands of people by making herself available to listen to them and pray for them, even though she was hospitalized and afflicted with illness for most of her life.  She dedicated the best of her energies and prayers for the realization of the Mission (Società Unita) and especially, Teopoli.

The time has now come to express, with Fr. Claudio, our gratitude for all that Sr. Carmelina did and taught us through her example, sacrifices and words of encouragement.

Meanwhile, let’s strive to recall and imitate her great virtues; may they be an influence in our lives, our children’s, and our children children’s lives.

Testament of Sister Carmelina

My dear and good Jesus, suffering has been my joy, the gift that has allowed me to meet you, the greatest love of my life. I am ready to accept for love of you all the suffering that you, Jesus, ask of me.

…I have always loved you and I will take all of you with me. I will help you from heaven, I will pray for you and I will continue working with you. I love all of you; for me you are all my family and you are all equal. Even though I was not always able to respond immediately, with time I did. I have never spared myself, never neglecting anyone…